TUM students have arrived in Austin

Technische Universitaet Muenchen students exploring Austin.

Image courtesy of: Eneida Lila

Visiting a factory and learning about potential materials for the NexusHaus.

Image courtesy of: Eneida Lila

Students going over the design.

Image courtesy of: Eneida Lila

Since the beginning of last week, the NexusHaus team has been united in one central location. For the first time since the start of this challenging initiative of collaboration, during which the number of students and variety of specialties has constantly evolved and changed, the distance is no longer an issue the team has to overcome.

On Sunday, the students from The Technische Universitaet Muenchen took an intercontinental flight from Germany to Texas and joined The University of Texas students in Austin. All members of the NexusHaus “family” joined in on the excitement as both sides met face to face and can now discuss the design and see it come to life.

The TUM students are keen to get to know the city of Austin, which is going to be the final location of the home. After studying the city from a distance over the past year everything they have learned is beginning to take on a new meaning as they feel the weather, see the environment, live the city and get their hands on the building.

There is a general, deeper understanding of the hybrid character of the NexusHaus. The clean European geometrical shape that intersects with the local American materiality is meant to celebrate Austin’s indoor-outdoor cultural life, improving it with efficient mechanical and passive strategies.

Currently our UT and TUM Solar Decathlon project is experiencing the last phase of development. We are here, seeing and touching the materials that will become part of the house, confronting and rethinking details as they begin to take their final shape.

The UT-TUM team takes pride in having reached this far in this process, regardless of the difficulties arising from the distance and variety of outlooks from the student designers. Let the construction phase start!

Mar 14, 2015 by Eneida Lila in NexusNews

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