Project Concept: The Nexus

The “nexus concept” highlights solar, water, food, and urban density.

The word ‘nexus’ refers to the connection or link between two or more things, and it can also mean the core or center of something as well. Recent use of the word nexus has often been in negative connotations, referring to interrelated and complex issues that cannot be resolved in isolation.

Our team’s design inspiration for NexusHaus is to respond to the nexus of interrelated issues facing Central Texas (as well as many other parts of the world): electric grid capacity, water scarcity, sustainable local food production, and population growth. We will demonstrate the potential of integrated energy, water, and food system design concepts that make the house a unit of production, rather than one of consumption—a positive, rather than negative, nexus.

Specifically, the “energy- water nexus” theme and unit of production mentality will integrate systems and technologies—such as thermal storage, rainwater and gray water collection, urban food production systems—with smart technologies to create a house that actually improves and supports the surrounding infrastructure. The house will be a living showcase of the interaction between energy, water, and food, and will also demonstrate how integrated systems can be used to maximize the value of solar for both the resident and the electric utility.

Oct 10, 2014 by Charles Upshaw in NexusNews

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