Material Donation

For more information on how you or your company can make a material donation please contact Kendall Claus at or 405-535-5391.

Interior Finishes

ItemQuantityNeed by 
Gypsum Board1900 sfearly to mid JuneDonate
Reclaimed Wood Floor570 sfDonated by Fine Lumber
Custom CabinetsTBDmid to late JuneDonate
Shower Tile Floor22 sfmid JuneDonate
Shower Tile Linear Drain1mid JuneDonate
Shower Tile Walls94 sfmid JuneDonate
Shower Glass Wall25 sfmid JuneDonate
Kitchen Countertop50 sfmid to late JuneDonate
Kitchen Backsplash62 sfmid to late JuneDonate
Bathroom Countertop6 sfmid to late JuneDonate


ItemQuantityNeed by 
Kitchen Sink1mid JuneDonate
Kitchen Faucet1mid JuneDonate
Toilet1mid JuneDonate
Bathroom Sink1mid JuneDonate
Bathroom Faucet1mid JuneDonate
Shower Head1mid JuneDonate
Bathroom Mirror1mid JuneDonate
Bathroom Lights2mid JuneDonate
Recessed Cans (Interior)15mid JuneDonate
Column Mounted Lights (Exterior)15mid JuneDonate
Pathway Lights4mid JuneDonate
Under-Cabinet Strip LightsTBDmid JuneDonate


ItemQuantityNeed by 
Dining Chairs8late JuneDonate
Lounge Chairs2late JuneDonate
Kitchen Table1late JuneDonate
Coffee Table4late JuneDonate
Bed/Desk Combo1late JuneDonate

Soft Goods

ItemQuantityNeed by 
Custom Rug1Donated by J+J Flooring Group
Custom Cushionsearly JulyDonate
Pillows - Decorative5mid JulyDonate
Duvet Cover1mid JulyDonate
Shams2mid JulyDonate
Sheets1mid JulyDonate
Pillowcases1mid JulyDonate
Duvet Insert1mid JulyDonate
Pillow Inserts5mid JulyDonate
Sheet Set1mid JulyDonate
Queen Mattress1mid JulyDonate
Towels - Kitchen4mid JulyDonate
Towels - Bath4mid JulyDonate


ItemQuantityNeed by 
Dinner Plates 8mid JulyDonate
Silverware 8mid JulyDonate
Napkins 8mid JulyDonate
Placemats8mid JulyDonate
Cups8mid JulyDonate
Dessert Plates 8mid JulyDonate
Salad Bowls8mid JulyDonate
Serving Dishes TBDmid JulyDonate
Pots/PansTBDmid JulyDonate
Measuring Cups TBDmid JulyDonate
Art workTBDmid JulyDonate
Television 1mid JulyDonate
Projector 1mid JulyDonate
Hardware - CabinetsTBDmid JulyDonate
Bathroom Towel Bar1mid JulyDonate

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