In addition to the water and energy concepts, NexusHaus focuses on involving the residents in the everyday life of the building. Through a student-designed home management system called NexSmart, residents will be able to maintain and create a customizable home that cares for them. NexSmart will also serve as an educational tool that gives residents agency and allows them to live more sustainably through education.



NexSmart integrates traditionally separate (or completely unmonitored) home systems, including: electricity consumption and production; water system consumption, collection, and tank level; wastewater treatment and irrigation; smart appliance control; indoor environmental monitoring and air conditioning system control; home occupancy and house security; interior and exterior lighting; home entertainment systems; and the aquaponics system. The NexSmart system will monitor the house and interact with residents through custom in-house touch panels called the SenseBar. NexSmart will also allow the UT|TUM team to track NexusHaus’s energy and water use overtime.



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  1. Andrew Carter says:

    I like the Nexus smart home system.

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