Air conditioning is an unavoidable fact of life in Texas and serves as the single largest load on the electricity grid during peak summer afternoon hours. To alleviate afternoon electricity grid congestion – and avoid higher-priced power – NexusHaus will incorporate an Integrated Thermal Energy and Rainwater Storage (ITHERST) system to shift air conditioning load off-peak to the early morning hours. Thermal storage technology has traditionally only been employed on the large commercial and industrial scale; however, NexusHaus will demonstrate the concept on a residential scale.

In addition to the ITHERST system, the NexusHaus PV array is optimized for maximum production during hours of peak demand, decreasing the overall load which is currently outpacing the generating capacity in Central Texas.



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  1. Great work. My company is in the development stage of a 3D printed, affordable, self-regulating ozone generator for rainwater storage disinfecting. This will far exceed current UV technology in terms of reliability and effectiveness. I think adding this technology to your project would be a great benefit!
    Perhaps we can work together in the future.
    Patrick OBrien.

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