110 people (net) move to Austin daily introducing 70 new vehicles onto Austin’s streets and stressing urban and natural resources. The high demand for housing and low availability of supply consistently increases the cost of living putting a strain on current residents and home owners. The dynamic and innovative solution to provided by NexusHaus places focus on three distinct beneficiaries—the City of Austin, the property owner (client), and the unit resident (renter).Diagrams_Density1As a cost-efficient solution that responds to Austin’s skyrocketing demand for urban housing, NexusHaus adds density to centrally located neighborhoods without requiring additional infrastructure through the utilization of the City of Austin’s Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) code. This code allows for ADUs (granny flats, alley flats, secondary dwellings, etc.) to be placed along existing alleys on more than 42,000 single-family residential lots throughout central Austin. Many of the available lots are located along existing public transportation routes allowing future residents to utilize public transit. Reducing the number of vehicles added to Austin’s roadways each day will minimize the impact on existing road infrastructure. In addition, increased use of public transportation will alleviate traffic congestion and help better the quality of life for current and future Austinites alike.


For the client (property owner), NexusHaus will serve as a unit of economic production, a potential source of rental income used to defray increasing property taxes. In addition, NexusHaus’ energy and water concepts are attractive to a growing demographic of technologically savvy and ideologically motivated owners and renters looking for a low-impact lifestyle. The target renter demographic is less concerned with overall square footage than with the benefits of being located close to recreational areas and downtown amenities, and through implementation as an ADU, NexusHaus can provide access to these amenities at a lower premium that most housing options currently available. As NexusHaus progresses, the ultimate goal is to serve as prototype for a next-generation modular home that could be reproduced en masse in an assembly plant in Austin.


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  1. tony says:

    I have a nice mountain area near Chattanooga tn..I would like to put a few on this property. Maybe I could boost sales in my area.could I get cost of what it is when completed

  2. Crystal Long says:

    I’m very excited about this house. Please let me know when the modular house is available for purchase.

  3. Howard says:

    I love the concept , who wouldn’t. Utility companies will not support any legacy power meters when smart meters go 100% operational. For those that are looking to minimize their grid footprint for privacy, safety and wellbeing. This is a great alternative and the timing is perfect. Interesting.

  4. Robert Capazzi says:

    I am very interested in learning more about your homes (Austin, TX) to live and save money.

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