NexusHaus Concepts


As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Austin’s population is undergoing rapid growth; as a result, the demand for housing has increased exponentially. At the same time, Texas is experiencing rising temperatures and prolonged drought, which are straining water supplies and pushing infrastructure to capacity. NexusHaus, a 784 square foot home, will address both sustainable and affordable urban housing in the context of energy and water resource constraints. This net-zero energy, zero water capable house accomplishes these goals through a combination of photovoltaic electricity generation, integrated thermal/water storage systems, and cutting edge smart home management.

Central Texas

Compounding the energy-water issues is an increase in suburban poverty, which amplifies the need for additional affordable housing. Designed as a solution to Austin’s growing density issue, NexusHaus can be deployed throughout existing Austin neighborhoods as an Accessory Dwelling Unit allowing lower income home owners to stay in their neighborhoods while increasing income through rental property. The house will also provide vegetables and fish for consumption through a closed-loop aquaponics system.


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