NEXUSHAUS ROLE: Construction Manager, Transportation and Logistics + Architecture

AREA OF STUDY: Masters of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin

WHY SOLAR DECATHLON? It is an incredible opportunity to build a sustainable and transportable house.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT MUNICH: I love the city, the culture, and the people. My favorite place is the Englischer Garten in Munich. (Megan spent Fall 2014 in Munich. It was also Megan’s first semester as a UT student, so we’re sure she’ll have a favorite place in Austin soon!)

FAVORITE BUILDING:  Today it is, a forest for a moon dazzler by Benjamin Garcia Saxe. The dedication to the environment, coupled with seamless integration of sustainability and art is exemplary. Needless to say, the house is beautiful in every way.

FAVORITE MUSICIAN OR BAND: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

HOBBIES: Traveling, hiking, sketching, and furniture making