NEXUSHAUS ROLE: Interiors Team Leader + Construction Documents and Detailing + Construction

AREA OF STUDY: Bachelors of Interior Design, University of Texas at Austin

WHY SOLAR DECATHLON? I’d love to get experience with a hands-on project that can apply to real life situations. It’s important to understand the impact of the things we build and how it affects the environment and our future, so I’m excited to be a part of a team striving to come up with new innovations in green building.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT AUSTIN: I love the energy of Austin, as well as the great food! It’s great to find a city that is so accommodating to bikers and runners, and one that encourages being active.

FAVORITE BUILDING: After seeing it last fall, the Thermal Baths in Vals is definitely one of my favorites. The detailing is beautiful, and the interiors, as well as the context, is hard to beat.

FAVORITE MUSICIAN OR BAND: Big band music from the ’20s, and most things that came from the ’50s.

HOBBIES: Running, Cooking, Reading + Dominating at board games