Construction: Volunteers Gain Hands-on Experience

On the NexusHaus construction site for the last day of class of the Summer 1 session at The University of Texas at Austin.

The NexusHaus summer 1 volunteers posing with the donated BMWi3 vehicle.

Aksornchan who also goes by Poon is a graduate student studying Energy and Earth Resources at The University of Texas at Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences. She is a native of Thailand and enjoys baking and cooking.

Honestly, at the beginning, I had not even heard of the school’s Solar Decathlon project, NexusHaus. I just wanted to take a class that was related to solar energy since I had recently been conducting research on solar PV in my hometown. Due to the fact that I had never had any hands-on experience with solar installation I thought it would be very helpful to understand process and know how to install solar PV in the house. I decided to find out more info on this project and met with Petra, a School of Architecture professor and one of the advisors on the project. After talking with her, I felt that the project was very interesting and matched with my sustainability focus and decided to take the class that was being offered.

Although I have not had a lot of prior experience with construction because my major is not Architecture, I have really enjoyed my time working on this project. The rest of the team helped me out a lot and I also gained experiences apart from constructing the home. I was able to work with professors and friends from all around the United States, Morocco, the Czech Republic, and Germany. While working everyday onsite we made many good memories that I will never forget. Every team member and volunteer had inspiring motivation to improve the typical home making it sustainable and efficient. As Michael Garrison, another advisor on the project said, “We are not building the house, we are changing the world.”

Jul 22, 2015 by Aksornchan Chaianong in NexusNews

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  1. Khalid Al-Haideri says:

    I’m overseas civil engineer.I am studing certificate4 in millertafe in bulding and construction.l have good experiences as a sites engineer for16 years.
    I need to Devlop my experience with Australians companies in the sites.
    Best regards

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