Construction: Modules Prepared for Weather

Jordan throwing the Hook ‘Em sign while determining if the door that was just built fits the entry way. It did. Success!

Jordan just recently graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in biology while working as a medical assistant at Texan Anesthesiology Association. She will be applying to work towards her Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree in the Spring. In her spare time she enjoys painting, volunteering, travel, and all things outdoors.

The first day volunteering on site, I flash taped all the edges of the foundation of the home to waterproof the house from any inclement weather, mostly rain. One of the biggest hassles on the project up to this point has been the excessive amount of rain stopping the project for days and even weeks.

I was also able to work in a team with some close friends and we were put in charge of building temporary doors for both of the modules so the interior would be protected until the custom doors can be installed. This was mainly done so the team could continue working on the house even when it’s raining cats and dogs every day. The coolest part about this (besides the fact that I was making doors) was getting to use the giant saw to cut the wood for the frames—very fun!

I also secured braces for handicapped rails in the bathrooms. Recently Austin has passed an ordinance stating that all new residential construction must meet certain accessibility standards. It was impressive to know that the NexusHaus was built to accommodate everyone and follows this construction guideline.

The best part of this was being with a group of fellow college students and friends who care about making the world a more energy efficient place by thinking of every single way they can conserve and reuse energy while simultaneously providing affordable and comfortable living.

Jul 24, 2015 by in NexusNews

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