Construction: A Volunteers Perspective

LeighAnn Ganzar (center) installing door frames to the one of the modules with the help of 2 other NexusHaus volunteers.

LeighAnn Ganzar has volunteered with NexusHaus one day this summer so far. She works as a Health Educator at Williamson County and Cities Health District and her hobbies include cycling and running.

I became involved as a volunteer for NexusHaus through one of the architecture students on the team. The project was described to some friends and we all thought it would be fun to help out, especially since the concept of sustainable design and living is such an interesting and relevant concept.

Growing up with a carpenter dad, I grew accustomed to the constant sound of power tools, smell of sawdust and home improvement projects around the house. As a child I loved helping my dad and the sense of accomplishment that washed over me when we finished a project. Volunteering with NexusHaus brought back those same feelings. Though the years I spent with my dad didn’t seem to pay off much the more experienced NexusHaus volunteers were very patient and walked us through every step of our task. Spending the day on the site, we worked on making sure the house was insulated and protected from all the rain we have had in Central Texas this past May and June. While working on building door frames to protect the interior of the house, the volunteers learned more about the process that has gone into developing the Solar Decathlon project. In this generation where more people are comfortable building a website or building a social media following, it was refreshing to spend time working with my hands on the construction site. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the team members and learning about their roles in the project, especially since it is such a diverse team from different countries and with various language backgrounds.

We’re looking forward to helping more on the site and seeing the final product before it leaves for the competition!

Jul 10, 2015 by LeighAnn Ganzar in NexusNews

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