Events: BAU Messe 2015

TU München students exhibiting the Nexushaus concept at BAU 2015 in Munich on January 19-24.

Image courtesy of:Bruna Ferramenta

Viewing the model at the Nexushaus booth at BAU 2015.

Image courtesy of: Eneida Lila

Every two years a significant event regarding the construction sector of architecture takes place in Munich, the BAU Messe – the “World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems”. Companies from around the continent exhibit their products and materials directly to the customers sharing their innovation, possibilities, tools and culture.

The collaborative project between UT Austin and TU München for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon succeeded in becoming an exhibitor at the BAU 2015 edition that took place recently. During six days, from January 19th to 24th, the Munich Team had the opportunity to bring their design directly to a real “arena” of professionals and consultants.

One of the main goals of this experience was finding sponsors and supporters who would help Team Nexushaus prefabricate the home in the upcoming months in Austin. Additionally, the students had a singular opportunity to discuss their ideas and the technological details of the project directly with a variety of specialists and receive feedback regarding the design’s performance.

Invaluable for the students was the exposure and experience of presenting their project to a wide range of visitors, some acquainted and not with the DOE Solar Decathlon competition. Using this stage as a test ground the TU München participants were able to practice and build their strategies for representation of the Nexushaus concept to the final jury during the competition, which will take place in Irvine, (California) in October of this year.

Now the Munich students will prepare to travel to Austin and join the rest of the participants to begin building the Nexuhaus. Excitement can be felt from both sides, since after long efforts the home is on the verge of being realized.

Feb 2, 2015 by Eneida Lila in NexusNews

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